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our aim

We believe that providing suitable housing and one-to-one support are the foundations needed for a safe and supportive home environment. We provide a place to call home for people of all abilities and we enjoy supporting our service users in playing a full and active role in the community. 


We are proud of our team and the combination of their life skills and professional experience is a major factor in achieving the high level of service we provide.

What We Do

All employees have a complex understanding of the needs and requirements of our service users and have input when preparing support plans

We provide twenty-four hour support to service users who are not capable of living on their own

All residents are given a Community Care Assessment carried out by Social Services. We work closely with  local councils in the community directorate

We have our own Health and Safety and Equal opportunities programmes

With the majority of our service users having learning difficulties or suffering from illness, we make sure that our staff and management teams are very highly trained, dedicated and fully qualified to deal with any problems that may arise.


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